John Michael Green is an American author of young adult fiction and a YouTube vlogger. He is also a #1 Best Selling author on the New York Times Bestseller list.



Early YearsEdit

Green grew up in Orlando, Florida, before attending Indian Springs School, a boarding and day school outside of Birmingham, Alabama. He graduated from Kenyon College in 2000 with a double major in English and Religious Studies.

Author,Husband and DadEdit

Green lived for several years in Chicago, where he worked for the book review



Journal Booklist as a publishing assistant and production editor while writing Looking for Alaska. While there, he revie</p>

<p style="margin:0cm;margin-bottom:.0001pt;line-height:16.5pt">wed hundreds of books, particularly literary fiction and books about Islam or conjoined twins. He has also critiqued books for the New York Times Book Review and written for National Public Radio's All Things Considered and WBEZ, Chicago's public radio station. He lived in New York City for two years while his wife attended graduate school. </p>

<p class="MsoNormal"> Green currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife, Sarah, his son Henry, and his dog, a West Highland Terrier, named Willy (full name Fireball Wilson Roberts). </p>

<p class="MsoNormal">  </p>

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